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Dan is passionate about teaching, finding it incredibly rewarding, and dedicates a fair proportion of his weekly schedule to offer training for all levels of riders. He teaches with the same amount of effort and enthusiasm whether to a rider with aspirations to improve and enjoy their flatwork at home or jump an 80cm course.... to professional riders aiming for their next event.

A knowledgeable rider, his varied background includes a period of pure dressage, producing event horses to 4* level and showjumping to 1.40m.

What distinguishes him from others is his ability to explain and convey the message. His command of the English language is impressive as he seeks alternative explanations or examples so that the rider truly understands what he is seeking for them to achieve, and why. He is calm and encouraging yet pushes pupils to stretch their comfort zones. He invests in their progress with goals to work on in between training sessions, is happy to help plan competition aims and is only a phone call away for updates or advice.

Dan is available for lessons from his current base at Crown Farm and regularly teaches from Lyneham Heath Equestrian where he also holds regular clinics each month. He is happy to travel to your yard or other facilities and can focus on dressage, showjumping or XC.

Clinics: Dan regularly trains local riding and pony clubs. Do get in touch if you are interested in group bookings for your clubs or yards.





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Call Dan at 07767 291713 or contact him via his Facebook page Daniele Bizzarro Eventing. 



Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before participating in the Show Jumping and Cross Country Clinic ("the Clinic") organized by Dan Bizzarro.

By registering for and participating in the Clinic, you acknowledge and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Clinics organised by Dan Bizzarro will go ahead as long as conditions are safe. Riders will be informed by email, text or telephone if a clinic has to be cancelled. If the trainer has to cancel a clinic at late notice, clinic fees will be refunded less an £8 administration fee.

If a rider has to pull out of a clinic Dan will do his best to find a suitable replacement from the wait list (if applicable). If, however, this is not possible, the rider will forfeit their fee unless they can find a substitute for their place. All substituted riders must supply their name/address and payment and sign a disclaimer before they can be admitted to the clinic.

All clinics organised by Dan Bizzarro must be paid for at the time of booking to ensure that a space is reserved.
When booking, the bookee signs the Disclaimer for all the riders booking on to the clinic. He/she should ensure that riders are aware of and agree with the terms of the Disclaimer.

Riders should turn up for their clinic in good time to prepare and be correctly turned out with correct body protector, hat, boots etc, and their horse suitably ready to start jumping at the allocated time, unless other instructions have been issued.

Assumption of Risk:
a. Participation in the Clinic involves inherent risks, including but not limited to falls, collisions, injuries, and accidents. By attending the Clinic, all participants, including riders, helpers, and spectators, assume full responsibility for any potential risks involved.
b. It is mandatory for every person entering the Clinic to conduct their own risk assessment of the clinic's location. This assessment should take into account factors such as terrain, weather conditions, and the presence of obstacles. Participants are solely responsible for their decision to participate based on their assessment.
c. It is a condition of riding that riders and their owners/trainers/parents (if the rider is under 18) and accompanying personnel have inspected the conditions and facilities prior to riding and that they are content that the ground conditions, and the construction and maintenance of the facilities and jumps are safe and acceptable to them. The owners of the facilities and Dan Bizzarroare not responsible for the ground conditions or damage caused to the ground or fences caused by other users and animals.
d. All riders must be accompanied by another responsible adult (who can also be riding) and we recommend that each rider carries a mobile phone.
e. Dogs are permitted if kept on a short lead at all times and under direct control. All dog mess must be cleared up immediately. Anyone found to be leaving dog poo-bags on or around the jumps will be asked to leave. Any dog that barks at horses or people and causes a nuisance must be removed immediately from the facilities.
f. The clinics could be run in a working farm. As such, it has personnel, livestock and machinery on the premises. All users of the facilities and their connections agree to be aware of the risks associated with a working farm and to act accordingly.
g. Every rider under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult

Liability Release:
a. Dan Bizzarro and any associated instructors, staff, or volunteers shall not be held responsible or liable for any accidents, injuries, losses, damages, or claims arising from or related to the Clinic.
b. By participating in the Clinic, participants waive any and all claims, demands, and causes of action against Dan Bizzarro, his representatives, or any associated personnel, arising out of or in connection with the Clinic.

a. All participants are expected to adhere to safety guidelines and instructions provided by Dan Bizzarro and his representatives during the Clinic.
b. Riders must wear appropriate protective gear, including but not limited to helmets and body protectors, and ensure their horses are adequately equipped for the activities involved.
c. All riders, spectators and accompanying people must behave responsibly and not cause a nuisance to other users of the facilities. Riders should ensure that consideration and due care is given to other users when riding on the flat and over jumps, and in the parking area.

Medical Condition:
a. Participants must ensure they are physically and mentally fit to engage in the activities of the Clinic. It is the responsibility of each participant to consult with a medical professional to determine their suitability for participation.
b. Participants must disclose any known medical conditions, allergies, or other pertinent health information that may affect their ability to participate safely in the Clinic.

Personal Property:
a. Dan Bizzarro and his representatives will not be liable for any loss, damage, or theft of personal property brought to the Clinic by participants or spectators.

Photography and Publicity:
a. By participating in the Clinic, participants grant Dan Bizzarro and his representatives the right to capture and use photographs or videos of the Clinic for promotional or educational purposes.

Changes and Cancellations:
a. Dan Bizzarro reserves the right to modify the Clinic schedule, location, or activities due to unforeseen circumstances. Participants will be notified of any changes as soon as possible.
b. In the event of a cancellation by Dan Bizzarro, participants will be entitled to a refund of any registration fees paid less an £8 administration fee.

By participating in the Clinic, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.


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