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Eventing is one of the most exciting equestrian disciplines in the world from the accuracy of the dressage and the thrill of your horse thundering by on the cross-country, to the nail biting show jumping round.Daniele believes that owning an Event horse should be a fun, social and rewarding experience. It is not just buying into eventing, but becoming a part of the team.

At DB Eventing, we understand the importance of Owners, Sponsors and the whole team network.

We invite you to join Daniele and be a part of this experience.  When he’s not riding horses, Dan is talking about them so he is always happy to give you regular updates on your horse’s progress.

If you don’t already own a horse but want to be a part of DB’s team, we can find you a suitable eventer.

How about becoming a part of a syndicate?  Share further the excitement of owning an eventer with a group of people while reducing your costs!

Why an Italian rider?

Italian’s are famous for their charisma, love of socialising and family values.  Daniele wants to bring these aspects to DB Eventing where owners are welcomed and encouraged to take part in every step of the way. Come to the yard to visit your horse, join us at cross-country schooling and walk the course together at events!  Dan always finds the time to give you and your horse the individual attention you deserve.

Be sure your horse and rider are always immaculately presented in competition in true Italian style. Daniele’s spotless Italian leather boots have already attracted much attention for their glossy shine!



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